Keraceutic enables the injection of sufcient amounts of keratin in a controlled manner, without allowing the strand to receive more protein than necessary. Keratinization, Keratin Charge, Cauterization, Sealing, Shielding, Reconstruction and Molecular shock in only one kit.


The Shampoo Estabilizador Keraceutic stabilizes the charges, facilitates the manageability, protects and restores keratin to the hair. With sunblock that does not get out after rinsing.


The Difusor de Queratina Keraceutic replaces keratin in the right amount, without risk of breakage. Forms a protective lm that repairs and releases controlled form of keratin and restores natural hydration to the hair and allows the Keratin remains on the capillary surface in a 3D matrix, that is only released to the fiber in the amount and time in the right measure needs. As the strands loses keratin, the 3D matrix releases keratin in a intelligent and controlled way.


The Difusor Molecular Keraceutic provides the rebalancing of water content, electric charge and interactions of amino acids and peptides with the hair structure, while releasing creatine and keratin to the capillary fiber, which help to restore regions where there is a break of the protein chains, caused by aggressive agents.

Creatine also potentiates the action of keratin and used together, they work as excellent protective agents of your hair.


The Protetor Capilar Keraceutic contains sunblock and protects against aggressions from the sun, sea, chlorine, pollution, dryer or board highs temperatures and color loss.


The Recarga Keraceutic is ideal to use in the fourth wash, after one of Keraceutic treatments. It will restore the hair with keratin which was removed after previous washings.