Create vibrant colors with high definition provided by the Color Line formulations.



The Hair Coloring Cream have size “angstorm” dyes, i.e., ten times more effective than nanotechnology. Very small dyes overtake the hair cortex. In the cortex, they connect to other molecules called couplers, which greatly increase its size, and are prevented from leaving. So we have a much more lasting coloring with and vibrant colors.

Besides the different dyes we still have a complex of actives resultin from the association between biofunctional cysteine, natural modified monomers and olive butter. Color, protection and restoration.


Descolorante Lázuli is a professional product, with blue color, with fast action and dust free (does not raise dust). It is enriched with Polyquaternium, donor substance of malleability, body and brightness to hair. Its has protective and conditioning action, which minimizes the existing harmful on common bleaches.


The Emulsão Oxidante Color Line has a stabilized formula that ensures balance in the release of oxygen during it action process. Its composition is soft and moisturizing.