Clorofitum is at COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE, the largest international event in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

Cosmoprof is an exhibition of great relevance in the international cosmetic sector and global visibility.

For Clorofitum, attending an event of this magnitude was only possible thanks to the effort and dedication of all its staff and the recognition of the national market. This is a great victory for Clorofitum.

In addition to offering to the world the most diverse lines of professional cosmetics with the quality you already know, by participating in an event of this importance, Clorofitum intends to strengthen its presence in the international market, increasing the visibility of its image, that of its products, and its acting strength in the professional cosmetics industry.

COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE takes place from 17 to 20 March this year in Bologna, Italy.

Visit the Clorofitum booth at the international pavilion of the world’s largest professional cosmetics event. You will love it.

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